Super Priority Application for first time in India – Same Day UK Visa

Super Priority Applications for UK visa finally launched in India assuring same day visa for the frequent flyers. British Prime Minister David Cameron in his recent visit to India had announced this visa service.

This service is priced at GBP 600 that is INR 50,000, besides the government fees for the visa, it gurantees decission on the same day. The UK home office said the service would be available to those who were applying for a six-month or two-year multiple-entry visitor visa (excluding student visit visas).

We had anticipated that there will be pre-requisites to qualify under this category which was also highlighted by our UK Immigration Solicitor Ms. Falguni Laheru during her interview with Jon Sopel on BBC World News, to qualify under this category you would require to have undertaken travel without difficulty in the last five years to one of the following : the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or a Schengen Country. Employees of companies that are members of the Business Express Programme ( managed by the UK Trade and Investment department in India) and who are travelling as official business visitors will also be able to apply.

Applicants with Adverse Immigrationi history ,that is if you are refused application in past, should refrain from using this services. Also please note using the super priority visa service does not imply or gurantee in any way that your visa application will be sucessful. All applicants must meet the requirements of the UK ‘ s Immigration Rules.

Super Priority Application service is presently available to the Super Rich Applicants from Delhi and Mumbai ( with Chennai to follow shortly). This application is launched with objective to strengthen trade relations between UK and India.

There is no information on the number of appointments that would be available for visa services under this services. Also the premium tag is far in excess to the government fees for the visa.

We are not far now from a Super Premium service wherefor a hefty fee the Home Office through their Visa Facilitation Services in India will be able to offer visit to Applicants office or home and to sort our their immigration papers, including taking a ” Biometric” photograph and fingerprints and, crucially , providing an on – the – spot decision.

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